As a stirring of the soul, Zaeta was born in the seventies when, in Valpolicella, I used to ride around a field with a cherry tree in the middle on Piaggio Ciao moped, trying to drift the back wheel. The joy of precarious balance is a primitive one and is linked to some of the earliest challenges of youth as far back as a child's first steps. Then, in December 2008, a meeting with Graziano Rossi gave the project the spark of life. Graziano and I found ourselves talking about a motorcycle that didn't exist. He spoke of a lightweight bike that could be drifted through both left and right turns and be used for training MotoGP riders. I was talking about a light, simple bike that could be ridden on the dirt or the road.

We were both speaking about Zaeta…….

Zaeta is a pure short track bike. The project lives thanks to the commitment of two other enthusiastic characters. Marco Belli, hugely successful flat track racer, three time UK champion and twice European Champion, winning in 2010 on the Zaeta during its first season of competition. The second is Andrea Andreani, responsible for the bike's technical development. Now Street legal in Europe and soon to be in North America. Just four tubes, two wheels and a powerful engine. Small, arrogant and ultra-light. The perfect bike for demolishing tight twisties or taming the city.

Paolo Chiaia

For more information: ZAETA.CA

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